Shipping Container Sale – Canberra

Are you moving in or around Canberra soon? Do you need to store extra items while you put your house on the market? Or is your business in Canberra expanding and you need to sort extra supplies so you can create extra office space? Or do you need to ship large items for your business? Whatever your shipping or storage needs are in Canberra, you’ll find exactly what you need with Container Traders. Container Traders sells affordable and high quality top of the line shipping containers in Canberra. We have a wide variety of solutions to meet your shipping and storing needs!

Container Traders is the leading seller of shipping containers in Canberra. Our shipping containers are made of the highest quality steel, have the latest in security and technology feature and we offer fast delivery. We have a wide variety of different types of containers and different sizes so whether you have a small item to ship or you are moving something as big as a yacht, we can accommodate you with our versatile shipping container options! Shipping and storing has never been so easy as it is when you use a Container Traders shipping container.

Every move, transition or shipment is different which is why we offer such a wide variety of options to Canberra residents. Container Traders have different sized shipping containers and many different varieties available for residential, commercial and professional use. With our shipping experts helping you to determine your needs, you will easily and quickly find the perfect shipping container for you and your items.

When you want a small shipping solution or you are short on space, we recommend our ten foot shipping container. The ten foot is the smallest container we offer but it still provides plenty of space for storing or shipping furniture, sports equipment, clothes, business documents or any variety of personal and professional groups. The ten foot container is incredibly easy to move and it fits almost anywhere! It can be so imperative to maximize space during a move or renovation which is why our ten foot shipping container is so popular. It will fit into small areas but can fit a large amount of items! Our ten foot containers feature standard double doors and security features for keeping your items protected. For the most convenient of shipping containers that is the perfect size for your items, you will find our ten foot shipping container as the perfect solution.

Our twenty foot containers are the perfect blend of space and convenience. The next size up from our ten foot containers, the twenty foot shipping containers provide plenty of space for storing items and are still conveniently small enough so you can access them on your property. Our twenty foot shipping containers come in two different heights, like their smaller counterparts, the 8’6” or the 9’6” giving you flexibility around the height of your shipping container. These shipping containers are extremely durable and strong and will give you plenty of space and security for storing your most important items! The twenty foot containers are excellent options for storing items for a few months or shipping them over long distances. Whether you are looking to ship or store important goods in and around Canberra, you will be able to do so securely and conveniently with our twenty foot shipping containers.

When you really need space, purchase our forty foot shipping container! The largest of our offerings, these massive containers hold everything you need safely and securely. Built from strong steel and able to resist rain, wind and animals, the forty foot containers are strong and protective. The forty foot containers are offered two different heights: the 8’6” and the 9’6”, depending on your unique needs. For long distance shipments or for long-term renovations or storage, we recommend these heavy duty containers. Container Traders solves the toughest shipping problem with the toughest durable shipping containers on the market! When you feel overwhelmed by how much you need to move in Canberra or the size of the items you need to ship, you can eliminate all of the stress by using Container Trader’s forty foot shipping container!

Shipping containers have come a long way since their invention. They are now more sophisticated than just durable containers to keep your goods safe during transport and storage. As shipping and storage needs became more complicated, there has been a surge in innovative and unique containers that meet a wide variety of needs. And Container Traders provide them all! We have solutions for the every day family and the international construction company and each is a strong and quality as the next! We offer five different types of shipping containers for you to choose from: the all purpose container, refrigerated container, open top container, flat rack container and dangerous goods container.

General Purpose Containers

Our general purpose containers are the most popular items we have available. These containers are extremely versatile making them a favorite purchase for homeowners or large companies. Our general purpose containers come in three different sizes: the 10ft, 20ft and 40ft. Each size has height options of 8’6” and 9’6”. Our general purpose containers were made for personal and professional use. They are great for storing your home items or your businesses documents. No matter what you need to keep safe and secure during storage or transport, the general purpose containers will do it! They’re also extremely easy to access and maintain. You can use our containers for years and never see signs of age because they made with the highest quality of steel and expertly crafted to withstand weather and the elements. There is a reason these containers are so popular and well used and it’s because they get the job done without any hassle!

Refrigerated Containers

Storing and shipping perishable items, temperature controlled goods or vegetation has never been so simple. With strong Australian weather, it used to be difficult to ensure that meats, cheeses, perishable foods or plants would arrive at their destination fresh but now with the innovative refrigerated containers, it’s simple! Refrigerated containers have precise temperature control that will allow you to keep your contents cool and fresh. These are excellent options for those staying long-term at off-site locations. For example, if you have a worksite outside of the city and need a space to keep things cool. Or if you are hosting an event down on the beach and need to ensure that the food and flowers stay fresh while you are setting up, you will want to use a refrigerated container! Our refrigerated containers come in the same size options as the all purpose containers and are regularly checked or quality assurance.

Open Top Containers

If you have extra large loads or are shipping huge items, you need a huge container that can fit everything and more. That’s where open top containers become handy! As the name suggests, open top containers have an open top that allows items to be lowered in by crane. This is helpful for when you have especially bulky item or so many items that they won’t fit in an general purpose container. Open top containers come equipped a tarpaulin so that when you’re contents are loaded, they can be covered and protected from damage from the weather or from falling out of the container. Container Trader open top containers can also come with a side opening so you can load or unload from the top or the side, whichever is easiest for you!

Flat Rack Containers

Some shipments require extra versatility. For example, if you wanted to ship a large boat, it would not fit in an general purpose container and it may be too wide for an open top container. You would need a flat rack container. Flat rack containers consist of a flat bed and a variety of different ends that will help fit awkward or bulky items. You could have a fix end on a flat rack where there are open sides and fixed ends. You could have collapsible ends which has two ends but no side walls or you could have no ends at all and just have the flat bed. Each is helpful for shipping oversized items and all flat rack containers are stackable making it easy to ship more with less space!

Dangerous Goods Containers

Dangerous goods containers come with an extra layer of technology and protection for the use of shipping or storing hazardous materials. If your company in Canberra moves or stores anything flammable, chemical or corrosive, you may need a dangerous goods containers that will ensure the safety of your drivers and the environment when transporting dangerous good. Container Traders dangerous goods containers have some of the most advanced safety technology in shipping containers today!

Container Trader is the number one provider of shipping containers in Canberra because of our variety, our quality and our cost! Call us today to find the right shipping container for you!